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Surgically Guided Dental Implant Procedure in Mankato, MN

When a patient chooses dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth, general dentists commonly refer the patient to a specialist like an oral surgeon or periodontist to plan and place the "artificial root" or implant in the jaw. Subsequently, the patient is referred back to the general dentist for restoration of the implant or the crown portion of the implant process. Precise communication between doctors must occur in order to achieve a successful result.

surgically guided dental implants Mankato MN

At Southern Minnesota Implant Center, Dr. Flack professionally provides the entire implant placement AND restoration himself without the need to refer to a specialist, unless it is absolutely necessary. Implants are commonly planned with two dimensional x-rays and measuring stone models and various reference points in the mouth with" fair accuracy. Fair accuracy was not acceptable to Dr. Flack and that is why he uses 3D Galileos cone beam technology to plan the placement of dental implants in three dimensions for every patient.

To take this a step further, highly detailed 3D surgical guides can be fabricated that improves the placement of each individual implant keeping in mind and improving the end result, the crown on the implant. This special surgical guide is pre-made before the dental implant placement surgery, taking out all the guesswork with implant placement, meaning all angles and depts are predetermined making surgery happen more efficiently and accurately.

What are the benefits of surgically Guided Implants?

  • More precise and accurate procedure for placing implants.
  • Preserves vital anatomic structures (adjacent teeth, nerves, vessels and sinuses) by allowing visualization of the relationship between the planned restoration and the bony anatomy.
  • Substantially reduces the time necessary for implant surgery.
  • Due to extensive planning prior to implant placement, there are fewer unexpected findings during surgery.
  • In certain cases, surgery can be performed "flapless" with less need to manipulate gum tissue.
  • In certain cases, tooth removal with immediate implant placement can be performed with more stability.
  • In certain cases, pre-made, temporary crowns can be immediately placed on the implants at the time of implant placement.

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