Straumann Dental Implants

More than a denture.

A new and natural-looking smile.

Are you satisfied with your conventional denture?

Possible discomfort or pressure sores, as well as time-consuming home care and use of adhesives are the inconvenient side ef- fects of conventional dentures. Furthermore, ill-fitting dentures can result in social issues like insecurity and self-consciousness. Whatever the cause of missing teeth, everyone desires to chew and speak properly, to laugh naturally and to feel confident about their appearance.

Dental implant therapy is the treatment of choice

The decision to replace your missing teeth with an implant-borne fixed prosthesis from Straumann is an excellent investment in your oral health and appearance. Straumann can help you to im- prove your quality of life and find the right solution for you to re- store functionality and help improve your smile and increase your overall confidence.

Acting like a natural tooth root

A dental implant is a small cylinder that is placed in the jaw bone in place of the missing tooth root. The bone around the implant bonds with the implant surface after placement, creating an artificial root that acts as a base for individual crowns, multi- tooth bridges and a full dental prosthesis. The stable connection to the jaw bone allows implants to function long-lasting like healthy natural teeth.

Fixed restoration with 4 – 6 implants, all straight


Fixed restoration with 4 implants, posterior are tilted


Removable denture with LOCATOR® attachment


Removable denture with bar


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