DEKA CO2 Laser

Laser Assisted Surgery in Mankato, MN

When treating a patient at Southern Minnesota Implant Center, our Doctors prefer to take a modern approach when offering dental implant treatment. Patient comfort and care are our top priority, so we like to utilize the latest technology including the DEKA CO2 Laser that can assist our doctors  in providing the best results.

During your initial consultation at Southern Minnesota Implant Center, we may recommend the use of the DEKA CO2 Laser as part of your treatment.


A new and very effective technology we use at Southern Minnesota Implant Center is the DEKA CO2 Laser. This particular technology helps us provide optimum results with the assistance of a laser during your treatment. More importantly for Dr. Flack and Dr. Schuck, it enables our doctors defer sensitive treatment to new-age technology which will provide our patients will long lasting results.


Our entire staff at Southern Minnesota Implant Center are excited to meet you and offer you the treatment you deserve! Please contact our office if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

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